A good tactical plan is always the best way to go on any hunting trip, and dove hunting, as well as bird hunting in general, is not an exception.

So, we would like to discuss the different way to hunting in this Dove Hunting Blog. According to specialized magazine the main tactics are: scout the area, time, camouflaged clothes, its habits and so on…

The first step is to plan, scout the area to find the doves’ preferred feeding grounds, and find a place to sit and wait, of course, properly camouflaged with the surroundings.

Apart from that, you should set your watch. Remember, between 8 and 10, and in the evening from 5:30 until about 7 am the best shooting time for birds. Due to the birds are flying between roosting and feeding areas.

Doves normally leave their nests early in the morning and look for food (seeds) and water, so you will probably want to go early in the morning to areas with lots of trees to try and shoot them when they are coming out, or maybe at the end of the day, just before sundown when they are coming back to rest, or simply sit close to fields where plenty of seeds are found or ponds where they will be coming later to drink.

Either way, you must not make any sudden or fast movements, and remember to wear camouflaged clothing and nothing that shines in the sunlight (use grease or a cloth to hide your face), and you have to be ready to fire several shots in a short time, since they move fast.

Dove hunting in Argentina is famous for having so many doves to hunt, believed to be a pest for farmers in some areas, so don’t be shy with your day’s catch. Dove hunting trips in Cordoba also allow you to enjoy the thrill of being able to learn about doves’ way of thinking, defensive moves and of course, improve your shooting and hunting skills. And when considering tactics, you might wish to take a look at some dove hunting tips.

So, which are your dove hunting tactics?