Get ready to shoot! Start this hunting season with a nice and rewarding dove shoot. This basic exercise will leave all bird shooters incredibly satisfied. Get your shotgun ready, shells in place and a venue to hunt. This article will outline basic pointers for dove shooting, some of our top 10 dove hunting tips:

  • Find your weapon: A shotgun is always in order, budget will dictate the make and model. You cannot go amiss dove hunting with a 20-, 16-, or 12 gauge loader. Auto-loaders are always a popular choice, since doves go up in the air fast and are hard to reach. This kind of weapon gives the shooter three shots before the bird can get away.  Small shot sizes are always a good pick, this assures more pellets to shoot before the change.
  • Stay Hidden: Concealment is highly important. Doves can spot threats easily from high vantage points. Camo clothes that match the surroundings are always advisable. Use grease on your face and camo tame on your gun in order to conceal shine or movement.
  • Use Decoys: Birds are more likely to approach the area if they see other birds there. Decoys placed on open ground or nearby fences facing the wind will give a realistic vibe to the place and provide the hunter an advantage while dove hunting.
  • Recognize their habits: Studying dove’s habits will give you a clear idea of which ones you can shoot more easily.
    They mostly feed from seeds as well as other weeds. They eat on bare ground and move from their night place to consume water after dawn. Till midday they will spend the day feeding, move around and then return to feed followed by another lapse where they go to the water again.
  • Scouting and Shooting: Knowing their eating and traveling habit is crucial to the hunt. Checking feeding places, watering holes and graveling sites are usually the best guess while choosing location. Check the weather and the flying patterns in order to track them more easily. Pick a place and let the doves come within 30 yards before shooting. This will increase your accuracy and limit your quantity of shells. Stay quiet and motionless, until you find a dove in your range. They will react quickly if they spot you but this will allow at least two good shots.
  • Watch to the dove activity. Seek the dove flurries. Usually during the afternoon there will be «flurries» of doves when many groups of this bird fly for going out. This happens for a few minutes. And then, these flurries are followed by a lull in activity. So, be ready!
  • Wait the suitable moment. Should not raise your gun too soon. Be sure that keep the natural swinging motion that makes Wingshooting a fluid, rhythmic activity of raising the gun, aiming and firing. Remember, some birds might see your movement and flare out of range or swerve, making for a more difficult shot. The best moment is when the doves are around 40 yards or less. And then you should raise the shotgun in one smooth motion.
  • Keep in mind the choke. Choosing the right choke gives you an advantage. There are many chokes for dove hunting. In some situations a wide-open skeet bore is good if birds are coming to a water hole or passing 15 to 25 yards from your position. For the other hand a more typical situation of pass shooting birds at random distances, go with improved, modified, or in a double, a combination of those two chokes. A full choke is seldom needed for dove hunting.
  • Use a carry a cooler. Dove hunting often takes place in hot weather so, do not pile doves up below the sun.
  • Retrieve downed birds immediately. Do not do it is a mistake. Please, should collect the birds body.

Pull the trigger and swing smoothly with a continuous swooping movement. Try practising beforehand, it will give you an edge.

Dove Hunting in Argentina will give you the biggest thrill in the bird hunting alley, non stop action and a beautiful scenery in order to make your adventure timeless.