When you go bird hunting, you will probably have to walk a lot, so, it is important to carry water, some food, a first aid kit, a GPS device or mobile phone, extra ammo, a flashlight, matches, a knife and anything that you will find to be essential for your trip, and of couse a great dove hunting belt is necessary.

Dove hunting in Argentina also requires a camera, since there will be plenty of landscapes and photo opportunities to make your trip really unforgettable and share the best moments later with your close friends and relatives.

Of course, when you go dove hunting, bringing a vest is very useful, especially if it has large pockets, but also consider bringing a good belt with side containers of different sizes for different purposes, such as a canteen, pouch bags, etc., that will go comfortably and conveniently around your waist.

Try to wear it in a good position along with all your hunting clothing, not so tight that will make you uncomfortable, but surely not so loose that you will be annoyed by having to adjust it every five minutes or so.

Leather is always nice, but the best are synthetic fiber belts, they are usually more flexible, stronger and lighter to carry, and some even come with holes or hooks for the pouches and other accessories.

Coming prepared with the right gear, such as a great pair of boots, long sleeve camouflaged shirt and hat, a special vest and your very special hunting belt, will help you have a close to perfect experience with your hunting buddies.

Do you have any recommendations or tips regarding dove hunting belts you would like to share?