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Sixteen years in the business have made us a leading outfitters company in Cordoba, Argentina. C&C Outfitters provides a mind-blowing experience in dove, pigeon and duck hunting. The founder and host Nacho Castro, together with a committed staff, ensures you have a memorable stay. Thanks to its warm and familiar environment, La Rosada Lodge becomes a home away from home for all its visitors.

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At C&C Outfitters we understand that finding the right hunting guide can be a difficult and confusing task. You will feel confident with C&C because all our team live and hunt birds locally. Our expertise lies in the fact that we have intimate knowledge of local roost areas, flight patterns, weather conditions, and most importantly landowners. The advantage for you, the bird hunter, of booking an experienced, full-time, local and independent team is that you will experience personal attention from the business owner – our family have a stake in your success.

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You must see why C&C Oufitters is the best option in Cordoba for dove and pigeon hunting.

We are proud that hunters leave happy and as a great friends of Nacho and C&C Outfitters team.

Cordoba Dove and Pigeon Shooting

Enjoy the vibrant hunting area of the North of Cordoba, Argentina where doves are in high volume and take great pleasure in the sights and sounds of Cordoba hills. The pure air around La Rosada Lodge contributes to feel relaxed while fulfilling with energy to hunt in huge amounts. Follow this link to know more about Dove hunting in Cordoba and how is the wingshooting typical day.

Argentina Dove Hunting Package – All Inclusive

Are you looking for an all-inclusive hunting package to Argentina ?  You’ve come to the right place, here in C&C Outfitters!
The all inclusive dove shooting package to Cordoba is an a great option.

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