C&C Outfitters Argentina Wingshooters is a company dedicated to providing the ultimate high-volume dove hunting  experience in Argentina. Over the last 10 years we have made this possible by assembling the most professional, hard-working yet fun-loving staff possible. We provide a high quality personalized service that makes us different from other companies. Ignacio “Nacho” Castro, the owner, with his staff such as birdboys, chefs and assistants will do anything possible to make this trip truly unforgettable.

As our hunters usually say after they leave Cordoba in their kind goodbye words, you will visit us as a client say good bye to us as a friend.


Hello, my name is Ignacio Castro, but please, call me “Nacho” as my friends and family do. I am a Córdoba native and have been blessed to have lived in this beautiful region for most of my life. I am a Board Member of the prestigious Córdoba Chamber of Hunting Outfitters of which my company C&C Outfitters Argentina Dove Hunting is an accredited member.

At one time I lived and studied in the United States for several years. This led to me becoming fluent in the English language, which is a real benefit for my English-speaking hunters.

I have dedicated my career to providing the ultimate high-volume dove hunting experience for my clients. To accomplish this, I have assembled the most professional, hard-working yet fun-loving staff that is possible. Quite simply, the level of personal service which they provide is unequalled. My birdboys, my chef, and my assistants do anything and everything possible to fulfill your every wish. My scouts are constantly in the field monitoring dove and pigeon movements. Scott Jackson, my North American Office Manager, has hunted doves every year for more than 40 years and has a B.S. Degree in Wildlife Biology from Washington State University in the United States, while Mark Carr, my North American Field Representative, is also a customer service professional and avid lifelong shotgunner who has hunted doves every year for more than 30 years.

Together we function as a team to insure your complete and total satisfaction. In addition, we have leased the very best hunting areas. Though the birds are here year-round and do not migrate, we are always working to add even more lands as the birds shift their daily flight patterns. Come to Cordoba, Argentina, hunt with us, and make your dreams a reality!!

Yours faithfully,
Nacho Castro