The two lodges, each with their unique features, are located in strategic places for hunting in Argentina.  La Rosada Lodge makes you feel at home due to its rustic and well-designed accommodation. It is located in Ischillin at 120 kilometres North from the Capital of Cordoba in Argentina. The name of this small town, which means “joy”, has been Argentina dove huntinggiven by the Sanavirones who lived in the area hundreds of years ago.  La Rosada has comfortable single and double rooms with air conditioning and heat. The homely atmosphere of the living room invites you to unwind while you slowly sip away on a refreshing drink. If summer is the season you decide to come, a swimming pool is a great alternative to jump into and refresh yourself.

Planning a hunting trip in Argentina? C&C Outfitters offers two rustic old fashions, elegant and luxurious accommodation options; each ideally situated in the best places for hunting in Argentina. Cocooned by the natural serenity of the Cordoba hills or Parana River…  making it an ideal setting for adventurous getaways and luxurious escapes.

Vacation rentals often provide more space, privacy and convenience than hotels. Since they’e also available in a wide range of locations, you can stay in both tourist areas and local neighborhoods alike. This maArgentina Duck Huntingkes vacation rentals a desirable option for large groups, families with children, and travelers seeking to step off the beaten path. So if you’d like to feel “home away from home” on your next trip – in a place where you can cook, lounge and entertain – a vacation rental is for you.

This intimate thatched lodge with its unique air conditioned safari huts and signature stone capped roof tops, offers all the comforts of a luxury Safari lodge and is an undisturbed retreat where you can regenerate your soul and tune into the sounds of nature.

Upon arrival our friendly staff will make you feel at home, while you slowly sip away on a refreshing drink. Indulge in sheer relaxation as you unwind next to the pool overlooking the lush African bushveld before we usher you away on an exciting BIG-5 game drive