Big-money bass lures are, more often than not, designed to catch fishermen instead of fish. The truth is that pricey lures often rely on gimmicks or flash to get you to shell out big money for them. But with cheap lures, you can certainly get what you pay for—lures that don’t produce fish, or fall apart after just a couple casts. So what’s a fisherman to do? These six lures and baits strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality. For about $25, you can have one of each in your tackle box this spring when bass start heading for their beds.

Bass Pro Shops XPS Suspending Minnow

The XPS Suspending Minnow is ideal for suspended fish, with its neutrally buoyant design that keeps it in the strike zone. With a 6-foot max diving depth, this jerkbait can be used from ice out all the way to post spawn. It has a naturally sculpted 4⅝-inch body, and, in typical Bass Pro style, it comes in 32 different colors, guaranteeing a pattern for every body of water.

Berkley PowerBait Power Worm

Plastic worms are the classic choice for spawning bass, and nobody does them better than Berkley with its PowerBait Power Worm. The Power Worm has a ribbon-tail cut and is irresistible to bass with some short hops and subtle twitches. What’s more, the Power Worm has Berkley’s fabled scent formula molded into it, which anglers have long claimed cause bass to hang on for a few extra moments, resulting in better hooksets. The Power Worm is versatile and can be presented a number of different ways, including with dropshot and finesse rigs.

Booyah Boo Jig

Boo Jigs a
re perfect for when bass are holding in dense cover or thick vegetation, as they tend to before and after the spawn. This lure can go most anywhere thanks to its small profile and heavy weed guard, which is hardly noticeable underneath its 50-strand skirt. And unlike most bass jigs, the Boo Jig has dual rattles that will help attract fish more than a typical jig would. Work the Boo Jig by itself, or pair it with a like-colored tail for even more action.

Cabela’s Chuck-It Frog

his economical, hollow-bodied frog can be thrown long distances and fished through the nastiest of structure owing to its weighted dual-hook design. This frog is perfect for when bass are patrolling creek inlets for food in spring. Not only that, it comes with an unheard of lifetime guarantee. Snap your rod tip to make it walk, or steadily reel it in for a quick retrieval.

Northland Reed-Runner Spinnerbait

Spinnerbaits are a go-to lure for anglers year round, and springtime is no exception. The Northland Reed-Runner is famous for its “R”-bend wire frame that keeps it from getting snagged in heavy cover and also generates tons of vibration from its two willow-leaf blades. The 80-strand skirt sits opposite the blades and gives the lure a wounded-baitfish-like presentation. If you’re looking to mimic a school of shad, the Reed-Runner is hard to beat.

Zoom Super Salty Lizard

Bass on their beds can be picky, and will often only strike lures as a warning. When that’s the case, a Zoom Super Salty Lizard is the ideal bait for pestering them to bite. This is the best-selling lizard of all time, thanks to the action from its free-moving legs and curly tail. The lizard is also salt-impregnated, so it’ll have a tempting flavor perfect for spring.