Nicholas Ernest Como, called Nico by his Spanish friends in the USA and by everyone in Cordoba, is a dear hunter and friend of me, my family and the C&C Outfitters Staff.  He has come to Cordoba, Argentina, to hunt doves and pigeons for his 12th straight year.

Nico writes:  «I counted all my doves that I killed over the 12 years that I have come to Argentina.  It is over 40,000 doves.»

We want to recognize that he has come to Argentina to hunt with Nacho and C&C Outfitters every year since 2007.  Nico will gladly explain how good the hunting is with Nacho.  He is 68 years old and will continue to visit Nacho and the beautiful Argentine countryside in the future.

His contact information is;  email address, phone (H) 540-373-8569, or (C) 540-419-4352.

Please feel free to contact him and he will surely tell of the wonderful times he has had with Nacho, the C&C Staff, and the finest dove and pigeon hunting the world has to offer.