So, you way to come to Argentina, about once a year we bring an English Shooting client for shooting the different experience of Wingshooting. So we’re not looking to come here just shoot a big number of doves and we come here to shoot the highest doves in different locations and then we look to shoot the decoy doves in another location.


We have come to Nacho’s since 2011, the accommodations are superb, the food is out of this world, so we just eat, eat, eat, top Argentinian steak, we have cold beer we have everything we could ever dream of this is what brings us back. Also, we come here Nacho’s gives us the opportunity for us to choose the locations, different kind of birds to shoot in the natural environment which might say, more exclusive and much better is not a mechanical exercise for Wingshooting. In the evening we drink, beer, wine, and some music and everybody get together in the evenings and the breakfast time so we have such a good team atmosphere and its enjoyable for that whole group.


We get collected from the airport as no problem with worrying about transport. Nacho has a minivan, Toyota trucks, high transport trucks Volkswagen, top quality vehicles and it’s comfortable for all kinds of clients of England who is looking forward high quality. This is why we only come here.