C & C Outfitters from La Rosada Lodge is the best you could ask for. Ignacio «Nacho» Castro is the Owner/Operator who is HANDS ON on the operation to ensure his guests( who ultimately become his friends) have the time and service of their lives. He contently checks on the progress of the hunt and eats right along side his guests to be sure all is as it should be. Nacho is more demanding on services then his guests. His operation gives you laundry service, the finest hunts, birdboys, barbecues and staff available. It is really roughing it in the outdoors with table cloths, cloth napkins, wine, beer, soft drinks, water and the best Argentine beef and sausage barbecued over wood for a superb flavor. If no worries for a great time hunting and food you want along with service plus, then go with Nacho of C and C Outfitters of Cordoba, Argentina.