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I want to let you know that our group of five hunters had a superb time with you and your crew a couple of weeks ago.  The dove hunting, food and service were outstanding.  I cannot imagine how any other place would have any where close to amount of birds we saw. The bird boys were outstanding and very attentive.  The food, both at the lodge (breakfast and dinner) and in the field (lunch – the beef was simply second to none and is as good or better than any Chicago or New York steakhouse!), were outstanding as was the service – from the cooks to the serving staff.  I think we all put on at least a couple of pounds each from eating so much of the wonderful food.  Plus you made the trip extra special by being so attentive and going out of your way to make sure we were having a great time and all of our exceptions and needs were met or exceeded.  Your personal service is icing on the cake!  We have been on other hunts before with other outfitters, but you are the best!  In addition, the weather was simply perfect!
I highly recommend people to hunt with you.  We will see you again!
Thanks and best regards,
Bob Der from USA

Nacho. I just wanted to tell you once again you are a very special person. Your outfit is top notch can’t wait until next year. Take care of that beautiful family. God Bless.

Frazier from USA

C&C Outfitters: Nacho and his staff are the best, they go out of there way to make your hunt and your stay the best it can be. The birds they put you on is INSANE. If you are looking to go to Argentina this is the company to book with. This was my second trip with these guys and there will be a third.

Blake from USA

So, you way to come to Argentina, about once a year we bring an English Shooting client for shooting the different experience of Wingshooting. So we’re not looking to come here just shoot a big number of doves and we come here to shoot the highest doves in different locations and then we look to shoot the decoy doves in another location.


We have come to Nacho’s since 2011, the accommodations are superb, the food is out of this world, so we just eat, eat, eat, top Argentinian steak, we have cold beer we have everything we could ever dream of this is what brings us back. Also, we come here Nacho’s gives us the opportunity for us to choose the locations, different kind of birds to shoot in the natural environment which might say, more exclusive and much better is not a mechanical exercise for Wingshooting. In the evening we drink, beer, wine, and some music and everybody get together in the evenings and the breakfast time so we have such a good team atmosphere and its enjoyable for that whole group.


We get collected from the airport as no problem with worrying about transport. Nacho has a minivan, Toyota trucks, high transport trucks Volkswagen, top quality vehicles and it’s comfortable for all kinds of clients of England who is looking forward high quality. This is why we only come here.

Philip Thorrold from England

C & C Outfitters from La Rosada Lodge is the best you could ask for. Ignacio “Nacho” Castro is the Owner/Operator who is HANDS ON on the operation to ensure his guests( who ultimately become his friends) have the time and service of their lives. He contently checks on the progress of the hunt and eats right along side his guests to be sure all is as it should be. Nacho is more demanding on services then his guests. His operation gives you laundry service, the finest hunts, birdboys, barbecues and staff available. It is really roughing it in the outdoors with table cloths, cloth napkins, wine, beer, soft drinks, water and the best Argentine beef and sausage barbecued over wood for a superb flavor. If no worries for a great time hunting and food you want along with service plus, then go with Nacho of C and C Outfitters of Cordoba, Argentina.

Dennis Fong from USA

A “few words” for you:

My annual trip with Nacho Castro and C&C Outfitters has continued to be a most rewarding experience for me.  The hunting endeavor is superb with more available doves than ever before.  Nacho has terrific leases on farm land that are saturated with doves and occasional pigeons.  His working staff have become like a family to me.  Their tireless work ethic and great friendliness is genuine.  My time with Nacho and his team has provided me with a tremendous vacation for the past 12 years..

Nick Como from USA


I live in the US, I went for a hunting trip to Argentina with couple of my friends to C&C Outfitters. It was my first trip to Argentina and won’t be my last. C&C outfitters services and hospitality is amazing, they take care of everything for you from the time you land until you leave, GREAT GREAT service. Everybody is nice and they want you to be comfortable all the time. The owner, Nacho is amazing as well, very respectful and easy to work and make business with.
The hunt was breathtaking, so many doves and pigeons, first time in my life I get tired from hunting. The bird boys are very nice as well, they accommodate any request or need for you.
Food is phenomenal, for lunch in the field, the meat is grilled on wood and is delicious.

If you are looking for a hunting trip to Argentina I would not look somewhere else because I could not have gotten any better service somewhere else.


Rami Nasrallah from Libanon

Our trip in June was nothing less than perfect. For our first time in Argentina we were nervous , C&C outfitters made it the best experience anyone can have.  The best in class service started from the reception at the airport. The lodge was beautiful rustic has a lot of character and is well taken care of. The crew at the lodge was amazing, always made sure our needs were met and cooked excellent food. The field team was amazing, they did excellent scouting made sure we are in the best fields where I have seen tremendous number of doves I don’t think I will see in my life again without coming down a second time. Lunch in the field was 1st class, best beef anyone can have, homemade desserts, drinks, and excellent wine.

I want to thank Nacho in particular as he made sure he was with us every day and validated that we are 100% satisfied and did everything he could for us to have a once in a life time experience.

We will be back September of 2018.

Samir Youssef from Libanon

In May of 2017 I returned to Argentina for wing-shooting, My 14th visit. This time I chose C y C Outfitters out of Cordoba. I have hunted birds with 7 other outfitters over 13 years of going. I have never had another Outfitter work harder to please our shooting group. Excellent accommodations, great Staff, great food (Thank you Louis!). Of course, the shooting was tremendous, as well. Everyone agreed the trip was well planned and far exceeded our expectations.

We plan a return trip for 2018 with even more family members in attendance!

See you then, Nacho, Louis, Silvia and Bernice!

Victor Irland from USA

Nacho! What a wonderful trip we had. Thank you so much for everything and I hope you were able to function that last day after we partied. I hope you have a wonderful hunt with the next group and we will look forward to speaking with you about our next trip down soon. I will also keep you informed when I know about pricing on new Silverado trucks. Talk to you soon.

Eric Helmbrecht from USA