Currently, the blue pigeon population in Cordoba is very big. Only 160Km from the Cordoba airport, there is one of the country’s biggest concentrations of these type of birds. Our fields are specially taken care of to guarantee 250 blue pigeons per day per hunter. This limit is imposed by CyC Outfitters
PIGEON HUNTING in ArgentinaArgentina Dove Hunting in its own fields so that you, as well as other hunters coming every year, can enjoy the same hunting quality.

Normally our friends hunters arrive to the Córdoba Province into Pajas Blancas international Airport, in Córdoba City, the capital of that Province (State). There we wait for them, and after attending them in the process of introduction from their weapons to the country, we drive to our lodge in a comfortable Van.

Our lodge is located to the northwest of Córdoba city, very close to Villa of Soto town. It has 700 square meters of facilities, prepared exclusively for hunters, with the services that offered a first level lodge.

The hunt is carried out over decoys and the hunter is located in natural blinds with the attendance of a birdboy or assistant. These bird boys will take charge of providing of shells, fresh drinks, sandwiches, etc., giving priority to the hunt, for that which will attend their hunters at every moment.

Depending on the weather conditions, we can stay day long in the field, to make a lunch to the best Argentinean style and to return in the afternoon to the lodge. We can also return to the lodge at half-day, the trips to the hunt area are really short, to enjoy a good lunch to return to the field after a good rest.

If you want to know some other detail to organize your trip, don’t doubt to consult us, we will answer you with a lot of pleasure.