If you want to improve your performance when you are hunting is better that you read this piece of advice:

First of all you should understand the shot gun is divided into two completely different fields, such as target shooting or shooting at stationary and Wingshooting or jumper. Both techniques are very different, and consequently would be a great mistake to try to apply the knowledge that we have of each other.

Now, let’s see what technical points we have to keep in mind so that we can manage our shotgun with ease, speed, strength and ease, qualities that allow us to make a good swing and judgment of fire, basic conditions if we raise the hit rate of our shots.

The shotgun

To properly and proficiently handle a gun, you must meet a number of features that we provide. First you must have a weight and balance according to our physical characteristics and mode shooting and hunting to go to practice more regularly. Second, the shotgun as we all know has a part called the head, which we adapt perfectly to our measures, because depending on the perfect fit to our body depends that the shots are directed to the site indicating the spotlight or not .Y thirdly there is an element that has a major role in the butt to get in our face with ease and comfort or not, as is the butt plate. A good butt is in addition to fulfilling its mission to cushion the recoil uncomfortable over our shoulder, give the shooter a great facility for us to raise the butt to the face without it locks undesirably by adherence the rubber recoil pad on our clothing.

The arms

The position of the arms form clearly facilitates moving and controlling our weapon. The shoulder position can vary depending on the shooting mode to practice from putting your elbows close to your body as in some form of precision shooting, even when we do them very high speed shots with a lot of swing, when trajectories are horizontal. The ideal position is one that appears in the picture, so that the shoulders remain an angle of about 45 ° to the ground.

The shoulder

To the shoulder is the most important part of handling the weapon, not because other things are not, but because it is a priority and fundamental, because if it does not perform properly no shots will be aimed at the area you want, something like if we played in a rifle viewer at random and then we would do with it with. With the shoulder is such an important part in future issues will dedicate a special space in this section.

The movement of the weapon

See the tip of the gun when it is already anchored to your body and want to swing shot, what we do with our whole body, IE, to the waist, hips, knees, ankles and soles of the feet on the ground, but never with arms, as these only serve the shotgun attachment on our body.

The desencare

This action is something that we perform unhurried. A good command of the weapon is one in which no hurry or will take the shotgun to the face or take it away after shooting. Both maneuvers should be done gently and control. And never abrupt and hasty manner, as that will transmit to abruptness how to perform the swing. Also, if the gun quickly desencaramos having fired the first shot we may have to readjust to the shoulder again in case we missed the first shot.

Rise and shoulder seat

The shotgun should butt sliding up, so we control at all times against rising; while performing this operation, we always see the position of the front sight to the target on impact we want. While performing this operation, your mind must have as a priority to get to perfectly position the cylinder head back on our cheek. Nonetheless. Also have to ensure that the butt is perfectly positioned in the right place our shoulder. That right place is that hole that forms our forearm muscles when lifting slightly and can note perfectly with our hand placing the thumb.