Pigeon is a bird of the dove family but there is no scientific difference between a dove and a pigeon. Although the term dove usually refers to a smaller kinds of pigeon.
The pigeon is a dove that lives in the trees and you could find it on bushes or scrub land. It stays on vegetation’s canopy.
This poultry lives in America, from North America (from southern Canada to Panama and from Maine to California) to Mountains Chain the Andes (North Argentina).

How do you recognize the dove’s sounds?

Doves and Pigeons do different sounds. Their singing is a deep cooing as owl. When the pigeon takes off from the tree canopy its wings produce a tapping very characteristic like clap, clap, clap. Besides, the pigeon male plays certain sounds in its exhibitions. In the pigeon courting, male glides with its wings open, drawing a circle in the sky and plays a fanny growl as grrr. Then it poses next to the female.

Pigeon on vegetation's canopy

Pigeon on vegetation’s canopy.

Argentina Dove Hunting