Argentina duck hunt

Style, sophistication and a whole nature appeal. The unique Cuatro Soles combine nature and luxury with inspired ambiance to create an energetic vibe that can only be found on the Cuatro Soles Lodge.
The rooms are adorned with traditional materials like wood, and ornament details in bronze, evoking visions of a traditional Argentinian manor. This lodge’s chic playfulness and its perfect location next to Parana River make it the perfect place to prep for, or recover from, your hunting time in San Javier, Santa Fé.

The best place for duck hunting in Argentina

Conveniently located near major duck hunting areas and Paraná River, an hour from Santa Fe City and local attractions.
The exclusive Cuato Soles Lodge is the best option, allowing members and in-house guests to experience an array of leisure and sporting facilities front of the splendor of the Parana River. Whether you are new to hunting or a seasoned game hunter, the C&C Outfitters offers you an escape from the pressures of the working week and the responsibilities of real life, giving you time to relax and unwind whilst never compromising on the luxury and adventure you deserve.